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CPD hub is a repository of quality CPD content from numerous industry experts and providers across various topics and categories. CPD hub allows you to check your knowledge, save learning outcomes, and track all your completed modules in one place. Stored safely in the cloud.

CPD hub takes the administration out of CPD learning, storing everything you have done in one place and making it extremely quick to generate proof of learning.

The broad spectrum of content providers and topics that are categorised and easily searchable mean that it is easy for you to find the content most relevant and interesting to you. So you can spend time learning and developing in the areas you want, rather than wasting time just finding content.

CPD hub allows you to upload certificates and proof of learning of anything you have done outside of the CPD hub environment so it is all stored for you in one place, and you can generate a proof of learning report for all your learning at the click of a button.

At the moment CPD hub only has learning content for financial intermediaries. But we’re hoping to expand into other industries as soon as we can!

The platform houses both certified and uncertified learning content, and tracks both types for you.

Some of our providers submit content that is already certified by the certification body of their choice.

We partner with the CPD Certification Service to certify some content that is not already certified.

Yes! You will get a certificates for your learning. You can also set which month your annual learning cycle should start from, and then you can generate a proof of learning report inclusive of certificates to cover that time period.

This depends on how much content you need certified, and the format of the content. However, we’re confident that our bespoke process means that you can certify your content quicker and cheaper than ever before.

Fill out the enquiry form and someone will get right back to you to find out more about what you need and explain what we can offer and how we work.

If you still have questions just email us on [email protected]